How to register to vote

To register to vote in the State of New Hampshire, you must be 18 years old or older on the day of the next election. Please provide your town clerk with the following information:

Proof of Residency (i.e. property bill, lease, statement on letterhead from institution, MyPlymouth, notarized letter, mail, utility mail, paystub etc) 

Proof of Age and Identity (i.e. birth certificate, driver's license, passport or passcard)

Proof of Citizenship (i.e. birth certificate, passport or passcard) 

Please note that if you cannot supply any of the information above, you may sign a Qualified Voter Affidavit or Domicile Affidavit attesting that the information you have provided is true.

How to request an absentee ballot

To request an absentee ballot in your town/city, you must complete an Absentee Ballot Application and send the application to your Town/City Clerk. Applications may be delivered in person, emailed, faxed, or mailed to the Town Clerk's Office.


 Voters may request an absentee ballot based on one of the following qualifiers:

  • You plan to be absent on the day of the election from the city, town, or unincorporated place where you are domiciled.

  • You cannot appear in public on election day because of observance of a religious commitment.

  • You are unable to vote in person due to a disability, i.e., concern of exposure to COVID-19 on election day.

  • You cannot appear at any time during polling hours at your polling place because of an employment obligation. 

When returning your absentee ballot, please carefully read the instructions enclosed with your ballot. The ballot must be placed in the small envelope, sealed, and the appropriate affidavit signed. Place this envelope in the mailing envelope with your printed name in the upper left corner and postage affixed.


Absentee ballots delivered by mail shall be accepted up to 5:00pm on election day. If delivered by an authorized agent, the agent must provide identification and sign an Absentee Ballot Return Form (RSA 657:17).